Ambulance Games

What Is Your Emergency?

Ever dreamed of being a hero? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! We have action packed ambulance and emergency-vehicle driving games for you. All we need now is a driver to save the day! The job is fast-paced and dangerous, but we’re counting on you and your driving skills to save the day.

In 911 Rescue Team, you are rushing to the scene of an emergency in this top-down driving game. Turn on your sirens and see how fast you can go! Or, try your luck at firefighting in Towering Inferno. This tall building is on fire and it’s your job to catch the jumping people and bounce them to the safety of your ambulance. Make sure you catch them all! 

Looking for a less conventional driving game? Then check out Ambulance Rush. In this action-packed side-scroller you are the driver of an ambulance, only this time you will be encouraged to run people over with your car. After all, the more people you run over and send to the hospital, the more work for you! And see how fast you can drive and how far you get without crashing and burning your car in Ambulance Frenzy! Looking to leave the city behind? How about joining the police force and going on a Rural Rampage? Drive and run around the towns and countryside as you try to stop criminals in action.

Calling all emergency response personnel! Do you have what it takes to come to the rescue? Then our ambulance games need your healing expertise!