Copa America

  • Puppet Soccer Champions
    Puppet Soccer Champions
    Played 51371 times

    Have you got the Golden Boot of Messi? Skills of Neymar, speed of Cristiano Ronaldo? Lace up your boots and pull your shirt on: this game was made for you.

  • Sports Heads Football Championship
    Sports Heads Football Championship
    Played 44480 times

  • Football Legends 2016
    Football Legends 2016
    Played 227028 times

    No one knows best as to how to play football like a champ in Football Legends 2016! Use your awesome football skills in this amazing sports game!

  • Soccer Balls
    Soccer Balls
    Played 25610 times

    Mad at the soccer ref? Here's your chance to blow off some steam!

  • Puppet Football League Spain
    Puppet Football League Spain
    Played 21420 times

    You’ll get a kick out of this crazy soccer game. Join these puppets on the field as they start their next match. Can you lead them to the top of their league?

  • Goalkeeper Premier: Football Game
    Goalkeeper Premier: Football Game
    Played 439253 times

    The whole stadium's looking at you, goalie—and you're the last line of defense...

  • Puppet Soccer
    Puppet Soccer
    Played 54025 times

    How well can you pull the strings of this pint-sized soccer team?

  • Football Headz Cup
    Football Headz Cup
    Played 79009 times

    The world’s craziest soccer tournament is about to begin! Pick your team and get ready to go head-to-head.

  • England Soccer League
    England Soccer League
    Played 144176 times

    It is premier league time my friends and what does this mean? More soccer, more fun, more sports and more hooligans. Take control of one of the British soccer clubs and try to win as many matches as possible.

  • Soccer Star
    Soccer Star
    Played 36511 times

    Can you lead your team to fortune and glory?

  • Bola Game
    Bola Game
    Played 48237 times

    Pick a team, choose your colors and get ready to kick your way to glory.

  • Puppet Soccer Champs 2015
    Puppet Soccer Champs 2015
    Played 24502 times

    Small puppet players with BIG and brave hearts. You think you have the golden boot like Messi, Neymar or Ronaldo? Lace up your boots again for spectacular soccer magic and pull it together to be the ultimate puppet champion! Perform amazing soccer stunts on the field of dreams and unlock achievements to get sponsored. Can you hear the crowd? Get ready to score that goal!

  • New Star Soccer
    New Star Soccer
    Played 32145 times

    Think you're ready for the Major League? Prove it.

  • Skyline Soccer
    Skyline Soccer
    Played 28630 times

    Who’s up for a game of rooftop football? Careful where you kick it!

  • Best League: Football Game
    Best League: Football Game
    Played 13416 times

    Travel all the way back to the year 1993 and find out if you can lead your team to victory.

  • Sports Heads Cards: Soccer Squad Swap
    Sports Heads Cards: Soccer Squad Swap
    Played 96577 times

    Soccer meets Vegas in this pitch-perfect card game.

  • Sport Heads Football Championship
    Sport Heads Football Championship
    Played 19518 times

    This is a free Football game. In this game you will have many different teams to pick your favourite to play. Then you will have a great time playing with these big head players!

  • 1 on 1 Soccer
    1 on 1 Soccer
    Played 76251 times

    Scoring goals just got personal...

  • Football Heads: 2014-15 Champions League
    Football Heads: 2014-15 Champions League
    Played 13189 times

    Choose your favorite soccer team and win the Champions League by scoring as many goals as you can.

  • Freekick Football
    Freekick Football
    Played 16344 times

    Become an expert of free kicks! Aim carefully and set the right amount of power!

  • Soccer Mover 2015
    Soccer Mover 2015
    Played 1736 times

  • Euro Football Pong 2016
    Euro Football Pong 2016
    Played 8883 times

    Get ready to take on the big leagues of one the world's greatest sports games. Block the opponent's ball, score goals for your team to prove you are the best player on the field this season!

  • Super Soccer
    Super Soccer
    Played 913 times

    Kick the ball into your opponent's goal to score points and win the game!

  • Football Stars World Cup
    Football Stars World Cup
    Played 977 times

    Play with the World Cup Stars in this great game!

  • Top-Down Soccer
    Top-Down Soccer
    Played 9723 times

    It's only you and another teammate that's doing their best to kick that ball in for a score in this brand new sports soccer game, Top-Down Soccer. Play against teams from across the world as you upgrade your team's abilities!

  • Super Soccer Star
    Super Soccer Star
    Played 6127 times

    Becoming the ultimate soccer star takes lots of practice. Get started with this fun challenge.

  • Real Soccer
    Real Soccer
    Played 16894 times

    It's football season and your team made it into the top ranks! Aim to score more goals than your opponent in just three minutes. Choose your team, difficulty and swipe, tap and control your way to victory. Move the mouse in order to shoot in the respective direction and to set the force of the shot. Ready to play with Team Fun?

  • Streets Table Soccer
    Streets Table Soccer
    Played 3404 times

    Steer your team and score goals!

  • Emo Soccer
    Emo Soccer
    Played 3565 times

    Play this funny soccer game!

  • Heads Arena:  Euro Soccer
    Heads Arena: Euro Soccer
    Played 15137 times

    Choose your favorite national team and get ready for a tournament or just a quick game of one-on-one soccer. Can you lead your country to a victory or two in this crazy online game?

  • Euro Soccer Sprint: Running Game
    Euro Soccer Sprint: Running Game
    Played 22412 times

    Dodge opponents as you collect coins and earn points for your team to show the world you're the best soccer team on the planet!

  • Football Heads 2014 World Cup
    Football Heads 2014 World Cup
    Played 14686 times

    Play for the World cup in this awesome soccer game!

  • Soccer Star
    Soccer Star
    Played 831 times

  • Soccer World Cup 2010
    Soccer World Cup 2010
    Played 21049 times

    Which team will be able to claim victory after the final whistle? Yours, of course!

Anyone can enjoy soccer, but only the best players will win. This growing collection of Copa America games challenges you to win the World tournament. You will compete against all sorts of teams from the real world and fantasy leagues. For a totally unique experience, you can create your own team. Choose a color scheme, design the best logo, and name your squad before entering the tournament. Pass, kick, and score against European teams to advance. Every other country will try their best to beat you! All of our Copa America games are filled with realistic soccer action. Take control of your defenders, and slide tackle the opposition to steal the ball. Then, pass to your midfielders, and move towards the net. Your forwards have the skills to ball-handle perfectly and score on any goalkeeper. In certain games, you will be challenged to make free kicks and hit stars for points. As you advance through the tournament, your soccer players will develop confidence. Play in front of thousands of fans to win the Copa America and bask in glory!