Flash Games

  • Black Jack Flash
    Black Jack Flash
    Played 28246 times

    Place your bet and play against the dealer. Careful not to exceed 21 points!

  • Papa's Cupcakeria
    Papa's Cupcakeria
    Played 376715 times

    A crash course in cupcakes?? That’ll be the icing on the cake…

    Papa's Cupcakeria game is also available on the Apple App Store or you can get it on Google Play.

  • Zombies Paradiso
    Zombies Paradiso
    Played 33706 times

  • Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Played 523919 times

    As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?

  • Red Ball
    Red Ball
    Played 61983 times

    Follow the bouncing ball as he rolls all the way home.

  • City Shootout
    City Shootout
    Played 133267 times

    Are you ready to defend your turf against the enemy? Shoot them all in City Shootout! After every mission, buy and upgrade your weapons for even more power!

  • Papa's Freezeria
    Papa's Freezeria
    Played 401703 times

    Papa's new ice cream parlor has opened its doors! Ready to scoop treats for hordes of cruise-ship tourists?

  • Bad Ice Cream 2: 2 Player Game
    Bad Ice Cream 2: 2 Player Game
    Played 71755 times

    This rude dude isn’t bad to the bone, he’s bad to the cone. Help him gobble up tons of tasty treats.

  • Bartender
    Played 594730 times

    Pour, shake, and serve your own mouth-watering cocktail!

  • Red Velvet Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
    Red Velvet Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 41651 times

    Recreate this rich, three-tiered tower of temptation!

  • Bartender The Right Mix
    Bartender The Right Mix
    Played 183644 times

    This bartender knows everything there is to know about tropical cocktails. Can you impress him with your own mixology skills? Find out if you'll earn his approval and respect in this simulation game.

  • Family Dollhouse 4
    Family Dollhouse 4
    Played 52196 times

    Help this nice family of dolls decorate their big house.

  • Modern Summer House Design
    Modern Summer House Design
    Played 228448 times

  • Bad Ice Cream: 2 Player Game
    Bad Ice Cream: 2 Player Game
    Played 107476 times

    This ice cream is bad to the cone! Help it to gobble and collect tasty fruits and treats, break blocks of ice and face hungry enemies as you avoid being flattened!

  • Papa’s Donuteria
    Papa’s Donuteria
    Played 217516 times

    You just scored a sweet gig at the donut shop in the theme park but can you handle all of these customers?

  • Formula Racer
    Formula Racer
    Played 98998 times

    Feel the heat—but not of your opponent's exhaust!

  • California Rolls: Sara's Cooking Class
    California Rolls: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 43218 times

    Sink your teeth into some scrumptious homemade sushi!

  • Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Played 435569 times

    Heart surgeons need courage and a steady hand—are you up to it?

  •  Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Played 16284 times

    This girl has a date with the guy she’s been chasing all year. Help her look fab!

  • Papa's Scooperia
    Papa's Scooperia
    Played 261484 times

    Carlo and Koilee just arrived in the big city for a vacation. Unfortunately, a dastardly hotel owner stole all their stuff! Even worse, he sold the hotel right out from under them to Papa, who’s converting it into an ice cream parlor. Team up with one of them or create your own custom avatar while you try to help them earn enough money to get back home in this simulation game.

    Papa's Scooperia game is also available on the Apple App Store or you can get it on Google Play.

  • Betsy's Crafts: Sand Painting
    Betsy's Crafts: Sand Painting
    Played 36503 times

    Slip into your beachwear, slap on some sunscreen, and get creative in Betsy’s studio!

  • Escaping the Prison: Stickman Escapist Game
    Escaping the Prison: Stickman Escapist Game
    Played 357604 times

    A cake just arrived in your cell. Could it contain some stuff that'll help you make a break for it?

  • Breaking the Bank
    Breaking the Bank
    Played 100804 times

    What’s the best way to rob this bank? Try each one of these methods and find out!

  • Henry Stickman Stealing The Diamond
    Henry Stickman Stealing The Diamond
    Played 137953 times

    Sure, it sounds simple, but robbing this museum is gonna be pretty tough...

  • Create a House: Building Game
    Create a House: Building Game
    Played 483617 times

    Design and build your own house!

  • Papa's Pancakeria
    Papa's Pancakeria
    Played 204703 times

    The pancake business is flippin' tough!

  • Trollface Quest 1
    Trollface Quest 1
    Played 306484 times

    Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of the lolz, fear no trolls.

  • New York Taxi License 3D: Car Game
    New York Taxi License 3D: Car Game
    Played 310497 times

  • Whack Your Soulmate
    Whack Your Soulmate
    Played 167616 times

    Your S.O. got you mad? Whack 'em, smack 'em, crap on 'em…just keep it online.

  • Operate Now: Epilepsy Surgery
    Operate Now: Epilepsy Surgery
    Played 136731 times

    Doctor, this patient needs an operation to end her seizures. Get to the OR on the double.

  • From Ugly to Pretty
    From Ugly to Pretty
    Played 348501 times

    Help this geeky girl pick out the boy that’s just right for her.

  • Henry Stickman Fleeing the Complex
    Henry Stickman Fleeing the Complex
    Played 218290 times

    Fleeing the Complex is one of the latest, coolest and best point and click adventure stick-man games ever created. Play as this stick figure that is imprisoned in a maximum security cell and try to escape at all cost!

  • Horse Jumping 2
    Horse Jumping 2
    Played 71466 times

    You'll be jumping for joy when you have a new and improved virtual horse to ride and care for!

  • Valentine Night of Kisses
    Valentine Night of Kisses
    Played 62865 times

    Can you sneak a kiss without being spotted on Valentine's Day? Earn some loving points while love is in the air but hurry, if you get caught the night might end in tears!

  • My New Room 3
    My New Room 3
    Played 111876 times

    This room is your very own blank slate. Go for it, girl!

  • Dial for Love
    Dial for Love
    Played 33178 times

    Dial up your dream date—he's just a phone call away!