MMO Games

  • Governor Of Poker 3
    Governor Of Poker 3
    Played 161700 times

    <p>You’re sure to have a rootin’ tootin’ good time with this card game. Step inside the saloon for a few rounds of poker. Will you win big? It’s time to find out!</p>

  • Slotomania
    Played 3675997 times

    <p>Roll up and reel in the jackpot in slot-machine paradise!</p>

  • Family Barn
    Family Barn
    Played 3585460 times

    <p>Be the master of moo in your own delicious dairy adventure!</p>

  • Asterix and Friends
    Asterix and Friends
    Played 76764 times

    <p>By Belenos! Asterix and Obelix are back for more fun and games with those crazy Romans!</p>

  • Goodgame Big Farm
    Goodgame Big Farm
    Played 79194 times

    <p>Uncle George left you his rundown farm, but it's a bit of a mess. While the farm has a lot of character, it really needs some TLC. Prove to your family and neighbors you've got what it takes to manage the place. Use your business skills and the help of friends to turn your overgrown barnyard into a thriving farm again. Plant and harvest crops, care for your animals, and make sure your workers are happy—you'll be back in business in no time. Let's toast to that with a glass of beetroot juice! </p>

  • Battle For the Galaxy: Space Strategy Game Online
    Battle For the Galaxy: Space Strategy Game Online
    Played 151646 times

    <p>Who will win this epic war to determine the fate of the galaxy? Take control of your forces, build bases and fight for your very survival in this real-time military strategy game.</p>

  • Goodgame Empire
    Goodgame Empire
    Played 888085 times

    <p>Crush your enemies and conquer the world—one castle at a time!</p>

  • Call Of War: Multiplayer Army Game
    Call Of War: Multiplayer Army Game
    Played 106110 times

    <p>Travel back in time to World War 2 and lead your forces to victory while you develop secret weapons and much more. Your troops are waiting for you, Commander. Where will you send them next in this MMO game?</p>

  • Governor of Poker
    Governor of Poker
    Played 406055 times

    <p>In the Wild West, the cards are the law.</p>

  • Royal Story
    Royal Story
    Played 418786 times

    <p>Once upon a time, a magical adventure awaited you. Oh, hold on—that time is right now!</p>

  • Magoia
    Played 26603 times

    <p>Enter a magical realm filled with unforgettable characters in this MMO game. An epic battle is about to begin and you can build and customize your own kingdom while you fight against the forces of evil.</p>

  • Goodgame Poker
    Goodgame Poker
    Played 839974 times

    <p>Come bluff with the best.</p>

  • Battleboats.Io
    Played 32802 times

    <p>Can you defend these waters? Join players from around the world while you battle for supremacy of the seas in this io game. Collect resources while you protect your base and blow up your enemies’ boats with powerful mines and awesome cannons.</p>

  • Mafia Battle
    Mafia Battle
    Played 38939 times

    <p>Duck the cops and make a fortune while you climb to the top of this criminal empire.</p>

  • Harvest Honors Classic: Multiplayer Harvester Game
    Harvest Honors Classic: Multiplayer Harvester Game
    Played 3501023 times

    <p>This strategic multiplayer Match-3 game is fertile grounds for cultivating your competitive spirit!</p>

  • Let's Fish!: Multiplayer Fishing Game Online
    Let's Fish!: Multiplayer Fishing Game Online
    Played 526623 times

    <p>It's a battle to snag these ginormous fish...YOU'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT!</p>

  • Sparta: War Of Empires
    Sparta: War Of Empires
    Played 52552 times

    <p>The Persian king Xerxes has amassed a gigantic army that is marching straight towards your city. Defend its gates and lead your people to glory in this MMO game.</p>

  • Conflict of Nations: Military Strategy Game
    Conflict of Nations: Military Strategy Game
    Played 132775 times

    <p>The entire world is your battlefield in this military strategy game. Would you like to invade the United Kingdom or send your forces across the seas? You’ll need to use cunning tactics if you want to take over the planet while winning the hearts and minds of your new citizens.</p>

  • Deep Sea Story
    Deep Sea Story
    Played 191623 times

    <p>A fierce storm broke the support line for this brave scientist’s DSV. Now he’s stuck at the bottom of the ocean in this point and click adventure game. Can you help him gather the supplies he’ll need in order to get back to his ship?</p>

  • Klondike - the lost expedition
    Klondike - the lost expedition
    Played 1448599 times

    <p>Build a new life for yourself on the old North American frontier!</p>

  • Forge of Empires
    Forge of Empires
    Played 126899 times

    <p>Starting with a small Stone Age settlement it is your task to create an empire and accompany it onward throughout the centuries.</p>

  • Golden Frontier
    Golden Frontier
    Played 437876 times

    <p>Gold is shrouded in mystery and legends. And, probably, everyone dreams about incredible adventures. You'll find them in the game "Golden Frontier"! Searching of a gold mine, interesting acquaintances and unique atmosphere of the Gold Rush are waiting for you. You can feel like a real gold seeker, plunge into a unique world. But don`t worry, you won`t be alone with the difficulties and dangers, brave Clyde and charming Mary will help you. You will explore lands in search of gold with new friends. Even though the path will be difficult, it leads to untold wealth!</p>

  • New World Empires
    New World Empires
    Played 78806 times

    <p>Explore four centuries of global conflict in this MMO game. Build monuments that will stand the test of time while you conquer undiscovered continents and go up against some of history’s greatest military minds. Can you defeat Napoleon's troops? Or beat Columbus to America?</p>

  • Dreamfields
    Played 264249 times

    <p>Restore magical pastures and meet enchanting characters when fantasy meets farming.</p>

  • Farm Days
    Farm Days
    Played 124194 times

    <p>Welcome to your new farm. The barn needs some repairs before you can start planting crops but don’t worry. Mary, your neighbor, is willing to help you out in this online game.</p>

  • Elvenar
    Played 37036 times

    <p>Elvenar is a free-to-play browser-based game, where you will build a flourishing city and discover a magical world full of mysteries.</p>

  • Charm Farm
    Charm Farm
    Played 162954 times

    <p>This is the most wonderful story you've ever been a part of! You have a chance to turn a tiny village into an incredibly beautiful Land of Magic! Colourful characters are waiting for you, as well as dozens of magical creatures, hundreds of gorgeous buildings, thousands of fun quests, and, of course, tons of magic! Play Charm Farm with your friends! </p>

    Played 7889 times

    <p>You can modify your character and other elements of this first-person shooter game. But how long will you last while you compete against players from all around the world? Grab a weapon and start shooting!</p>

  • Islandoom
    Played 5042 times

    <p>How you got what it takes to rule the seas in this multiplayer simulation game? Build a fleet of powerful ships that you can use for trading...or combat. You’ll need to expand your area of influence, collaborate with other gamers, and develop a strong economy in order to become the ultimate oceanic entrepreneur. Form alliances with your opponents or simply blast them out of the water!</p>

  • Total Front: Army War Game
    Total Front: Army War Game
    Played 855200 times

    <p>The world is at war in this real time military action game. Which side will you fight for in a series of epic battles? Lead your troops to the front!</p>

  • Knights and Brides
    Knights and Brides
    Played 486708 times

    <p>Become a knight and champion all the others or become a lady and ensure that your estate remains well kept.</p>

  • Jackpot
    Played 528 times

    <p>Your online social casino, play with friends and win big! This is the free Las Vegas experience online.</p>

  • Secret Garden
    Secret Garden
    Played 134750 times

    <p>It was just another day at the library when a gateway opened in a magical book left forgotten on one of the shelves. Now you’ve entered a magical realm. Can you find a way to return home in this MMO game?</p>

  • Pyramid Solitaire Duel
    Pyramid Solitaire Duel
    Played 751467 times

    <p>Make 13 your lucky number by mastering these tricky card pyramids!</p>

  • Legend of Warships
    Legend of Warships
    Played 1886 times

    <p>Will your fleet rule the world’s oceans while you battle against other gamers from all across the globe? Find out if you can conquer the seas and wipe your enemies off the map in this real-time military strategy game. You’ll be taking control of modern day destroyers and classic battleships from World War 2. Good luck, commander!</p>

  • qplay Domino
    qplay Domino
    Played 757943 times

    <p>Do you dare dive into the addictive world of dominoes?</p>

Play Against People, Not Computers

Are you looking for free multiplayer games? What if we said we had something better: free MMO games, or massive multiplayer online games. (Free MMORPG games, too!) Calling them merely "multiplayer games" misses the most important point: these games are massive not only because of the expansive, often open sandbox worlds they take place in, but because MMO games bring together often hundreds (or even thousands) of live players from around the world to engage each other in combat or creation or whatever other game genre they choose – whether that's MMORPG games or another type of MMO. Online multiplayer games include other live players, but MMOs bring together masses of them. An American gaming over breakfast might find themselves fighting alongside an Australian playing in the middle of the night – both battling a group in Japan who have teamed up to take on the rest of the world. 

The most popular type of MMOs might be the MMORPG (the RPG stands for "role-playing game"). The only problem is that the most popular MMORPG games, like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, often come with a monthly subscription. Cha-ching. What if we said we had a free MMORPG alternative – well, a lot more than one, actually! For example, go back in time with the medieval set Imperia Online, or become a builder in a fantasy world in Elvenar.

However, fans of other genres also have plenty of opportunity to get in on the MMO game. So whether you're looking for an MMORPG, some modern warfare, or a little frontier action in the Wild West, we've got your game right here. Players around the world are waiting for you to join them.