Trollface Quest Games

Meme's the Word

So what’s with that in-your-face cha-grin that has penetrated the web over the last decade? Something between a cartoon character and a bad uncle, Trollface hit the scene in 2008 and hasn't let the lips down over the teeth yet.

When the creator of Trollface sketched out this mischievous scene-stealer, he was just 18 and still living with his parents in Oakland, California. Now 24-years-old, concept genius Carlos Ramirez has made a financial killing. The young Westcoaster raked in over $100,000 from licensing the black-and-white Trollface image he created, it was recently reported. 

For sure, this maniacal meme has spread far and wide, seeping into mainstream media and even appearing on Adam Sandler movie posters. Halloween costumes for people and pets alike have been popping up in stores and on do-it-yourself sites since the grinning, oval-shaped character hit the net. He may be sketchy, but he is loved. 

In Trollface quest games, point-and-click adventures challenge your problem-solving skills, puzzle prowess and your power to protect Trollface from getting nabbed by other Trolls and deviants. Trololo! Sit next to this webcomic character in Trollface Quest Trolltube as he tumbles into some unlucky adventures and help him solve tongue-in-cheek puzzles. Hang on as long as possible playing Strollin – a funny, trolling-stickman survival game. Or help this troll give his friend a body makeover with Trollface Quest: Sports and watch the muscles ripple. Are the trollidays just around the corner? Have a ball with Xmas Troll Cannon...Santa Trollface is coming to town.

Jump in and lose con-troll with these crazy, brain-twisting online adventures in Trollface games.