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Do you love games that are super fun and incredibly addicting? We have a collection of incredibly addicting games, and you can play the best ones here at!


Fighting armies of the undead is exciting, provided you’ve got enough ammo and awesome weapons, of course. There’s tons of supplies, upgrades, and boosters you can collect during your battles in our zombie games


If you’ve got a real need for speed, try out one of the car games. You can test drive sports cars, race cars, and trucks. Find out if you can be the first driver to reach the finish line in a racing tournament or if you can get a load of cargo to a checkpoint before time runs out. 


You may never make it to the final question in The Impossible Quiz, but you’ll probably have tons of fun trying to get there. Escape games are even more thrilling. Will you find your way out of secret laboratories, dangerous prisons, and other intense locations? is a fantastic io game if you love lots of action. Grab a machine gun and see if you can hunt down your opponents before they plug you full of holes! If you really want to sit on the edge of your seat, check out one of the scary games. They’re full of frights! 


Plenty of addicting games are available at They’ll keep you busy for minutes, hours, or even days!