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About Our Online Dinosaur Games

Get ready to go on an adventure that was 65 million years in the making with our awesome dinosaur games! You can team up with a T-Rex, slam your enemies with the powerful tail of a stegosaurus, or dish out total mayhem with a different type of dino! There's lots of action and excitement to be found in these epic animal games

What are the Best Dinosaur Games on Mobile?

You might even find yourself going back to the future after you pummel a few of your primeval opponents. Join forces with a robotic dinosaur before it wages war on its enemies in the middle of a metropolis. Some of these legendary lizards even know how to use weapons, if you can believe it, but not all of them are eager to dive into the middle of a thrilling battle. At least one of them would much rather go on a bike ride in these free online games!