Play Free Kongregate Games

Agame has tons of your favorite Kongregate games. There’s thrilling tower defense games as well as idle games that are simpler but no less challenging. 


The tower defense games will put you up against seemingly endless waves of monsters, soldiers, and other foes who are determined to invade your turf. You’ll need to protect it and its precious resources by building lots of awesome towers and stuffing them full of brave warriors armed with bows, guns, and even magical weapons! 


Idle games require a lot more patience. They usually involve clicking on things repeatedly to earn cash or other valuable stuff. Sometimes you can even leave them running in the background while they do all the work for you! 


Shooting games are a great way to blow off some steam while tycoon games will really test your virtual management skills. You can try running businesses ranging from big corporations to shopping malls. 


Gun games will test your reflexes, but if you’re feeling particularly grumpy, you can tear into the rag dolls in Mutilate a Doll 2. This weird and funny game will let you torment them with various tools, weapons, and even super deadly chocolate chip cookies! 


All of the Kongregate games at Agame.com are full of fun and excitement. You can try one or all of them 24 hours a day!