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About Our Subway Surfers Games

Surf's up in our awesome collection of Subway Surfers games! Trade in your surfboard for a skateboard before you begin your next subterranean trek. Will you be able to avoid security guards, cops, and a few other pesky authority figures who are determined to put an end to your epic explorations? Find out how far you can make it in these endless runner games.

The goal in many of these titles is to keep moving for as long as you can while you collect valuable items like coins and dodge both your enemies and various obstructions. Run past, jump over, and slide under construction barriers, fences, and even buses! In some of these adventure games, you'll be heading out on foot or on a bike. How much ground will you cover? It's time to find out in these incredibly fun online games!

What are the Best Subway Surfers Games on Mobile?