Surgery Games

About Our Surgery Games

Doc, you’re needed in the operating room, on the double! There’s tons of patients who need your help in our exciting collection of surgery games. Some of them are in critical condition while others are….well, not so much. You'll be performing life-saving procedures in ERs when you're not offering consultations on a Hollywood star's next facelift. Many of these doctor games will keep you on the edge of your seat, but there's plenty of others that will seem more like a walk in the park by comparison!

What are the Best Surgery Games on Mobile?

Grab a scalpel and work alongside total pros in thrilling games like the ones in the popular Operate Now series. Team up with nurses and other expert medical staff while you fight to save the lives of your patients. If that all sounds a little too intense, check out one of the more low-key titles in this collection of free online simulation games.