Vehicle Games

Play free vehicle games for the fast and occasionally furious.

Driving through your neighborhood at 100 miles per hour is the sort of activity that probably won’t end well. Rather than risk getting a speeding ticket, or worse, you can scratch your itch for vehicular mayhem with this category of free online games. 


Would you like to zoom around some of Europe’s coolest race tracks in a Ferrari or kick up some dirt while you blast down a BMX course? These free vehicle games will let you do both, virtually of course. They’ll definitely help you fill your need for speed. 


Some of the tracks that you’ll find here are realistic and sometimes they’re totally wild. You’ll race along many that replicate the experience of hogging the turns in a simulated version of an event like the Indianapolis 500 or 24 Hours of Le Mans. If you’d rather get muddy, there are tons of games that will send you off-road in a jeep, a dune buggy or another rough and tough vehicle. If you’re looking for an experience that’s really crazy, you can also take on the challenge of making it all the way to the finish line on courses with totally insane loops, jumps and downright insane hazards that you’ll never probably never encounter in the real world. 


You can race in a car, a monster truck or tons of other vehicles. If you’d rather blaze a trail on a two-wheeled vehicle, there are lots of motorcycle or BMX bikes you can take for a spin. If you’re in the mood for a game that doesn’t involve trying to get to a finish line before a bunch of relentless race car drivers, you can try out a fun parking game or one involving delivery trucks. Do you think you can transport a load of cargo across America’s highways or down one of Russia's most dangerous roads? You can find out the answer in this category of free online games.